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Oh girl you’ve got a keeper

But you don’t know how to treat him

Little things have you tripping

Thinking he isn’t expecting

Some type of  love and affection

From you because he’s a “dude”

But girl let me tell you 

Just like women want that special type of attention

Men do too

As much as they may have their head held high

Ego up right inside

He looking for that one women’s tender





That back bone to rock with him no matter what

Cause when a man decides to keep his word

You fight to the core

To keep him close

And one day 

He’ll be yours

But girl you got to let go

Of the negativity and pride

And really show him that loving side

The one you try so hard to hide

That side of you that makes you feel helpless

And uneasy

Yet so willing to take this risk

Not wanting to lose

That bond between you and him

Turn that negativity into positivity

Show him that you care

Whether he expects it or not

Cause girl you’re letting a good thing go

With all the baggage and confusion 

that you hold

Thinking how he treats you

Is to good to be true

So you look for some reason to let him go

When he has told and showed

That he cares for you more than you’ll ever know

So put an end to misusing your emotions

Let him help you birth something beautiful and new

No more denials and fronting

You know he’s a keeper

But you gotta treat him 

Like you’re worth keeping


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