Toronto, ON.

Angela, Angie for short. Afua – Ghanaian name


Been writing since the age of 11

Enjoys writing short stories, poetry/spoken word, lyrics.

Blogger since 2009 but finally decided to broaden her horizons, expand her vision, create a website to further push her passion and perfect her craft for writing and performing.

 Why “Oh When The Mind Speaks“?

The name “Oh When The Mind Speaks” stems from personally being extremely shy when I was younger and not being the greatest at expressing what’s on my mind to others. I found that writing and expressing myself on a piece of paper brought forth a feeling of joy and accomplishment and overall a great source for me to let go and share thoughts, experiences and views of life.

As a creative writer, I just believe that any source of art not only stems from the heart, but a visual and vocal view of the mind speaking.

Overall this blog will not just be a place for me to share my poetry and work, but I also extended my vision of “Oh When The Mind Speaks” to be a place of resource for creative artists and a platform to promote others art, craft, projects, businesses and more.

I enjoy not only seeing my vision and ideas come to life but yours as well.

Just here to support your work as well as my own.

AfuaAngie – Aa

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