Posted by on June 7, 2017

Reach for the stars

Think beyond your stationary capacity

The limits you’ve placed on your own abilities

Due to life experiences or social construction

Your antagonist

Allowing it to bring forth self-destruction

When you ought to rise up


Be the protagonist of your life

Fight to conquer your inner negative qualities

Let your beauty breathe

Let it flow within the deep layered walls of your body

Healing your wounds internally

Which will eventually pour out through your actions and words externally


Passing it onto those who are also fighting their inner enemies

And in return, hopefully

They may be encouraged

To do what you’ve done in their own way

And remove their own personal limitations


For as long as we live

New lives will be born daily

And everyday battles will be

Recreated in numerous ways


For nothing under the sun is new

Cause unfortunately yet fortunately this is the cycle of life

But you have the potential

To rise above every downfall

So, go ahead reach for the stars and even beyond!

– Afua Angie


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